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   Adsterra Networktitle PLATFORM PERSONAL INFO Adsterra Network All rights reserved © 2013-2023 Terms for Publishers Websites Balance: $ 0.00 russenmafia Publisher 1Add your Website Click the ADD WEBSITE button to start. Put your domain, set website category and ad campaigns 2Create Code Click +AD UNIT next to your website. Choose ad format and, if needed, remove campaigns with unwanted ads 3Copy Code Click your website to reveal its ad units and then click GET CODE. Copy and put the code to your website If you don't have a website, go to Direct Links page to create a link Statistics Statistics Visibility Visibility Website Status Website Status Ad Unit Status Ad Unit Status 2493635 2 ad unit(s) 19196082 Banner 728x90 728x90_1 Active 19196008 Banner 468x60 468x60_1 Active 74280 8 ad unit(s) 42126 2 ad unit(s) 2493638 2 ad unit(s) 19196016 Banner 728x90 728x90_1 Active Banner 160x600 Pending Banner 468x60 for Place it anywhere in the page body. You can find more info here.